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A gallery of bright, bold and uniquely Kiwi-inspired works by local artist Rachel Benefield was unveiled today at Kenepuru Hospital.  Located in the Older Adults Health and Rehabilitation Ward, and funded by the Wellington Hospitals Foundation with support from Trust House Foundation, these large paintings will bring great joy and pleasure to the elderly inpatients, many of whom are living with dementia and other age related conditions.

The New Gallery

Nurse Manager Mikaela Shannon and Activities Co-ordinator Deepa Chetty, explained that the vibrant memory-murals draw people in and will provide patients with many opportunities to engage and interact with their environment.  They will also help to disguise exit doors and decrease exit seeking behaviour.

Benefield said that in painting the works she wanted to capture iconic kiwi moments from the 1940s-1970s, and that the designs were all inspired by interviews with patients reminiscing about growing up in New Zealand.  With many hidden gems and sweet moments captured in each of the panels, they will resonate on many levels for people.

Bill Day, Chair of the Wellington Hospitals Foundation said, “We are delighted to support a project that enhances the creative environment of the ward.  The panels are bright and lively and really brighten up the space; and this will be really beneficial to patients and staff living and working on the ward.”

    Artist – Rachel Benefield with some of the other murals.