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We are currently fundraising for the New Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital using face-to-face door knockers.  If you receive a knock at your door from one of our representatives, they will give you some information about the new children’s hospital and invite you to become a Well Wisher (regular giver) to support the new hospital. Face-to-face fundraising enables us to talk to thousands of Wellingtonians about our new children’s hospital and invite them to come on the journey to make it a world-class facility for our children and generations of children to come.

Our fundraising door knockers will:

  • be wearing an official black vest displaying the Wellington Children’s Hospital and Wellington Hospitals Foundation logos.
  • be displaying an identification badge with their name, photo and identification number.
  • never ask for nor accept a cash donation.

If you have any questions please call our donor relations team on 04 806 2332 or email:

Thanks for your support!