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“To be able to pretend the table is a rocket or spaceship is a great way to explain to children the X-ray table moves and gives them something to focus on.”

“Jet Planes!! My favourite… ooooh and they are like rockets.”

“Wow, Just Wow.”

“Now I feel better about having to be here. Still rather would be elsewhere but makes it more relaxed.”

“Great distractions!”

These are just a handful of the lovely comments received from patients to Wellington Regional Hospital’s Radiology Service in response to the new artwork that was generously funded by Foundation donors. The new decals and murals brighten and bring a touch of joy to their new Biplane Angiography room, as well as the Fluroscopy room and the main Radiology waiting area.

It’s wonderful to be able to provide items for our hospitals that make such a positive difference to our patient’s well-being and experience of being in hospital.