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There is huge excitement both within our hospitals and within the greater Wellington community at the announcement made by the Prime Minister on 10 July 2017 that Mr Mark Dunajtschik would build a new children’s hospital costing almost $50m and then donate it to the Hospital.

The Foundation has been asked to fund $6million for a modern fit-out and latest state of the art equipment that will go in the new hospital and we will be announcing fundraising programmes where the community can make our  new hospital a truly community hospital. If you would like to make a donation to our –New Children’s Hospital Fund now, we would welcome your donation.

Mr Mark Dunajtschik will build new Children's Hospital

Hospi, PM Bill English, Mr Mark Dunajtschik and Ms Dorothy Spotswood.


Wellington Children’s Hospital was the FIRST children’s hospital in  New Zealand (13 March 1912). The current children’s hospital is over 30 years old and in need of replacement. Thanks to Mr Mark Dunajtschik’s generous donation to build and donate a new children’s hospital we can provide the best medical care for sick children.

Mr Dunajtschik’s wonderful donation will see the building of the hospital. The fit-out and state of the art medical equipment including wellness and child friendly areas will be funded by the Foundation with support from the community.

Original Wellington Children's Hospital

Original Wellington Children’s Hospital 1912



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WOW A New Children's Hospital

New Children’s Hospital Equipment Fund

Help us fund $6 million for a modern fit-out and latest state of the art equipment for our new children's hospital.