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Air Ambulance Flight Simulator Opens at Wellington Hospital

C&CDHB Chair Virginia Hope said Wellington Regional Hospital now had the best Simulation Suite in New Zealand

if not Australasia. Having a simulator that was the same size and moved like the real air ambulance would be an amazing training tool.

“Our new Air Ambulance Flight Simulator further enhances our hospitals reputation as having the best Simulation Suite in New Zealand if not Australasia.

As a training hospital we are constantly striving to deliver education opportunities that enable our medical staff to deliver the highest quality care.

Facilities such as this will also no doubt help us to attract medical staff, who know they are going to be supported in their training and have access to world leading training equipment.”

ICU specialist Alex Psirides said delivering health care in the cramped and sometimes turbulent conditions of an air ambulance was a challenge.

“We have nurses and doctors trying to put in IV lines and monitor patients and keep them stable during emergency situations. So being able to train for these conditions means we will be able to improve our ability to deliver these services.

“Before the simulator, the first time medical personnel encountered the cramped and challenging conditions was when they were actually on a flight with a patient. Now we can train staff for any conditions they may encounter before they take to the air.”

Dr Psirides said the Flight Simulator would be the envy of hospitals around the world.

“All medical personnel would love to be able to train in real life conditions and now we can. This is a fantastic training tool.”

The Air Ambulance Flight Simulator was purchased by Wellington Hospital Foundation using $300,000 in funds raised from the community.