Why we exist

Wellington’s public hospitals are the cornerstones of our community. Wellington Regional Hospital needs the involvement of our communities to support the special projects which will benefit patients, their families and hospital staff.

When you support Wellington Hospitals Foundation you are supporting patients, their families and excellence in healthcare.

Our Trustees Friends and Supporters

But doesn’t the Government fund healthcare?

Yes… and no. We are lucky in New Zealand to have free healthcare, but funding isn’t limitless and some things aren’t covered.

If you have ever had a sick child in Wellington Hospital, you may have slept on a chair bed by their side.  That chair bed isn’t ‘healthcare’ and was funded by our wonderful supporters.

Many critically ill and time critical patients are transported to Wellington Regional Hospital by one of our hospital’s two Flight Teams: The Neonatal Intensive Care Flight Team (pictured above) and the Intensive Care Flight Retrieval Team.  These teams clock up many airborne hours carefully transporting and providing lifesaving care to patients all around New Zealand.  Our donors help this incredible work by funding their specially made fire-retardent scrubs.

Know anyone who’s suffered from Coronary Heart Disease?  Our community’s generosity has also funded state of the art cardiology equipment that helps our hospitals’ medical teams visualise the heart faster and more accurately.

Basically, you will always have access to free healthcare, but we provide the things that make that healthcare faster, better and more comfortable.


Our region covers in excess of 900,000 people. Our hospitals provide tertiary care from Whanganui to Napier, down to Nelson and Marlborough.


We support 5 areas in the Wellington region. Wellington Regional Hospital, Wellington Regional Children's Hospital, Kenepuru Hospital, Kapiti Health Centre and the Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Service


We’ve successfully funded over $15 Million for Hospital projects over the past 12 years!

Our Charities Commission Registration Number - CC22921

Our IRD Number - 092-141-462