Why we exist

Wellington’s hospitals serve as the cornerstones of our community, with dedicated and skilled healthcare professionals providing essential medical care, treating illnesses, and saving lives.

To maintain excellence and meet the ever-growing demands of modern healthcare, our hospitals rely on the support and involvement of the local community.

The Foundation plays a pivotal role in facilitating this support by raising funds through generous contributions and donations. These funds have a profound impact on healthcare across our region, enabling us to:

  • invest in medical equipment that helps keep pace with technology and improve patient outcomes,
  • create comfortable spaces for patients and their families, and
  • provide a wide range of resources, care items and services that support patients and their families during their hospital stay.

In essence, it’s a partnership between Te Whatu Ora Capital, Coast and Hutt Valley, the Wellington Hospitals Foundation, and you – our amazing community!  Together, we ensure that every single person across our region can access the best possible healthcare, right when they need it most.

Our Trustees Friends and Supporters

But doesn’t the Government fund healthcare?

Yes… and no. We are lucky in New Zealand to have free healthcare, but funding isn’t limitless.

Hospital charities step in to help fund new equipment that the stretched healthcare budget doesn’t cover, or could face delays in funding.  Given the rapid pace of technological advancements, this ensures that our hospitals can continually invest in the latest and most advanced medical technologies which helps provide the best possible patient care.  Additionally, we also also have a vital role in funding various items, resources, and services that go beyond the scope of basic healthcare, yet significantly enhance the hospital experience for patients and their families.

Imagine a critically ill baby who needs urgent transport to Wellington Regional Hospital. Our hospital’s Flight Retrieval Teams are like superheroes in these situations.  And thanks to donors like you, we’ve been able to fund two Flight Retrieval Incubators, specially designed for these precious little ones in need of emergency care. While in the NICU, these babies might also be cared for in one of four hi-tech Infant Incubators, funded by Foundation donors!

In medical simulation training, healthcare professionals get to ‘practice on plastic’ first, using hi-tech medical models in a safe and lifelike environment.  With your kindness and generosity, Wellington Hospital’s Simulation and Skills Centre boasts the only Air Ambulance Simulator in the Southern Hemisphere, as well as a collection of cutting edge Medical Manikins.  So our hospitals’ dedicated healthcare professionals get to practice with the best tools, making a real difference in patient care.

Do you know of someone living with Coronary Heart Disease? Thanks to the heart-warming generosity of our community, we’ve secured funding for a range of cardiology equipment that aids in diagnostic imaging, allowing our radiographers and cardiologists to visualise the heart faster and with greater precision.  We have also funded educational models that help patients better understand treatment options.

Donations also create comfy and welcoming spaces for patients and their families.  Being in hospital is stressful so we’re also there to help make someone’s hospital stay as comfortable as it can be, so that they can rest, recuperate, rehabilitate, and get home to the people who care about them most.

Your support plays a vital role in enhancing healthcare outcomes for everyone.


Our region covers in excess of 900,000 people. Our hospitals provide tertiary care from Whanganui to Napier, down to Nelson and Marlborough.


We support 6 areas in the Wellington region. Wellington Regional Hospital, Te Wao Nui Child Health Service, Kenepuru Hospital, Hutt Hospital, Kapiti Health Centre and the Mental Health, Addictions and Intellectual Disability Service


We’ve successfully funded over $160 million for essential hospital projects

Our Charities Commission Registration Number - CC22921

IRD Number - 092-141-462