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Hospi’s Pyjamas for Winter Appeal has been a roaring success! We are so grateful to the Wellington community for your support. However, one young girl Yovela, went about and beyond to support this cause….

Yovela Li, with the help of Harcourts Team YIP, raised enough money to donate an incredible 400 pairs of pyjamas to Wellington Children’s Hospital!

Hospi is blown away by this amazing achievement, and was so excited to meet Yovela when she delivered the pyjamas to Wellington Hospital.

Yovela and Hospi

Yovela and her mum meet Hospi when they deliver their pyjamas to Wellington Hospital!


Yovela told us that, “When I was born, I was 4 and a half weeks premature, so I stayed in the newborn ward for 2 weeks (at the Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital), they looked after me very well so I’ve been looking for ways to return that kindness.”¬†Yovela’s campaign was called Warm Our Kids and she ran it through Give-A-Little.

Yovela has also jumped on board to help out with our annual Wellington Children’s Hospital street appeal.

Thank you Yovela!