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Thanks to the Foundation’s supporters, Wellington Regional Hospital’s Emergency Department now has a brand new ‘Videolaryngoscope’.

What is a Videolaryngoscope?    

A ‘Videolaryngoscope’ is a piece of equipment which is used to help intubate patients (place a tube into the throat to help a patient breathe or to administer drugs). The ‘Videolaryngoscope’ uses a fibre optic to film in the inside of a patients throat, making intubation easier, safer and faster with less airway trauma.

Watch this video to see how the ‘Videolaryngoscope works! 


Why does the Emergency Department need this piece of equipment? 

The Wellington Hospital Emergency Department has been waiting for this piece of equipment for over four years! The ‘Videolaryngoscope’ is becoming a standard piece of equipment in Emergency Departments around the world, because of how much easier and safer it makes intubation. This is particularly useful in emergency airway situations where conditions for intubation are often less than ideal. The ‘Videolaryngoscope’ is also great for teaching new staff how to intubate a patient, as senior staff can provide direction based on the image shown by the ‘Videolaryngoscope’.

Director of Emergency Medicine, Dr Andre Cromhout said, ” Since receiving the ‘Videolaryngoscope’, we have used it almost everyday, it’s such a fantastic piece of equipment!”

Dr Andre Cromhout demonstrating how the Videolaryngoscope works

Dr Andre Cromhout demonstrating how the ‘Videolaryngoscope’ works


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