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Shona Brunton – WHF, Julia Catsburg – CCDHB, Mr Nigel Willis – CCDHB, Mr Grant Kiddle – CCDHB, Judy Tuly – CCDHB, Helen Thomson – GE Healthcare Ltd

A lack of portable x-ray machines in our operating theatres has often resulted in significant disruption and delays for patients. The Foundation was very pleased to be able to buy, with The Lion Foundation‘s wonderful support, a portable C-Arm Mini View System (portable x-ray machine) for use during surgical procedures. The compact unit can be manoeuvred into any position and the arm extends to allow for in situ x-ray images to be taken.  This is particularly helpful in children’s orthopaedic cases, such as seven year old Chrysler’s, where nasty forearm and lower limb fractures need to be secured with devices such as rods, screws and plates. Having this safe, surgeon-operated portable x-ray machine will greatly improve the speed and quality of care that our fantastic clinical teams can offer.


The new portable x-ray machine

Young patient requiring orthopaedic surgery