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After carefully considering the risks to the health and wellbeing of our street collectors, sadly we are unable to proceed with our Annual Street Appeal on 21 August. This will have a huge impact on our annual fundraising for the children’s hospital, and we will need your help more than ever!

Please donate online HERE today!

Every year, as a result of injury or illness, there are over 87,000 visits from children and young people aged between 0-16 to Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital.   We have a wide catchment area and see young patients from across the Greater Wellington region from Whanganui to Napier, down to Nelson and Marlborough.

Your generosity will help sick kids like Tamsin and others like her who have long and difficult medical journey ahead of them.

Tamsin’s journey with Wellington Children’s Hospital started on March the 28th 2019 when she was suddenly diagnosed with leukaemia. Something you never imagine you will hear, and at such a terrifying time we were extremely grateful for the hospital and the team right from the moment we arrived.   Her journey isn’t a quick one, and she will be receiving treatment through until June 2021 in Wellington Children’s Hospital. We are so extremely grateful to have the services and resources available there for us.  We had always donated whenever we could, never knowing how much of a huge role the children’s hospital would play in our lives.” 

– Hayleigh Mum to Tamsin, pictured