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Our donors make an enormous difference every day. Sadly, the Blood and Cancer Unit is an incredibly busy part of our hospital, with the team seeing a staggering 2,500 newly diagnosed patients from across our region every year. Bill Day, Chair of the Foundation was pleased, on behalf of our donors, to deliver updated Patient Record Booklets to the incredible Blood and Cancer team this morning. With 95 people facing radiation and a further 60 people receiving chemotherapy every day, these booklets help our patients and their loved ones navigate the complexities of their treatment during this overwhelming and difficult time.

Kirsty McAlister and David Hamilton, Executive Clinical Director of the Blood and Cancer Service, along with Bill Day and Maria Zandis from the Foundation

Kirsty McAlister, Nurse Manager said, “The staff and patients at the Wellington Blood and Cancer Centre are extremely grateful to those who have made generous donations to Wellington Hospitals Foundation, making the updating and re-printing of the Patient Held Record booklets possible. These booklets are a both a useful resource and source of reassurance to patients going through all types of treatments for cancer. Cancer treatments have developed significantly over recent years and these donations have enabled updates to the information within these booklets, meaning patients have relevant information at their fingertips. Patients often report how valuable they find it to have a specific booklet to keep their appointments, blood test information and tests recorded in. A huge thank you too to the Foundation who have facilitated this on our behalf.”