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We are so very grateful to Doreen who volunteered for her final day today as a guide at Wellington Regional Hospital.

Doreen has served the hospital as a volunteer for an incredible 18 years . Many of you will have seen our Terrific Tuesday Trio – Doreen, Bev and Jan. They are also keen lawn bowlers and met playing bowls for the Tawa Bowling Club.

Doreen told us that it’s very rewarding helping people find their way around the hospital and get to their appointments on time. “People are often very anxious when they come in the door, but we’re here to help. We often end up chatting to them, and it’s very rewarding to be able to ease some of that stress in the process,” she says. “We like to have fun, and you wouldn’t think it, but most of the time the hospital’s actually a very upbeat and positive place to work.”

Doreen’s warmth, fun, dedication and enthusiasm is incredibly infectious and will be missed, but we wish her all the very best!