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Fayth is incredibly grateful for the good care her wee boy Wolfgang received at Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital.  By way of thanks she volunteered to assist with our Annual Street Appeal TODAY and has kindly given up her whole day to collect!   

 Wolfgang was born with Achondroplasia which is a genetic condition and type of dwarfism.  When he was born, Wolfgang spent 3 weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to stabilise his breathing, and was eventually transferred home with a device to monitor his blood oxygen levels and heart rate.

However, only two weeks later Fayth discovered her precious boy floppy and pale and he was rushed into Wellington Regional Children’s Hospital after he stopped breathing.  Fayth told us, “It was the scariest thing I’ve ever witnessed as a mother.”  Then only two days after being released home again, Wolfgang was rushed back into hospital after he stopped breathing for a second time.   Fayth spent a sleepless two weeks beside her wee boy in
hospital as he underwent a range of tests to determine how much air his little lungs were circulating.

 After such a scary and difficult start, this happy little boy is now doing well, but sadly there will be many more hospital visits and possible surgeries in Wolfgang’s future.   

 Please give generously when you see Fayth and others collecting today – or donate HERE.