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Late last year our charity partner World Marudào Karate Organisation ran another hugely successful annual Quiz Night which raised funds to enable the purchase of a Hi-Tech Premature Baby Manikin for our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), known as ‘Premature Anne’.

The first 10 minutes after birth are critical for all babies, especially those born prematurely, and being prepared for emergency scenarios is vital. Wellington NICU team have been training in partnership with the Douglas Starship Simulation team, and Premature Anne is being used for regular training in Wellington as well as other regional centres across central NZ because she is the only High-Tech Premature Simulator in the North Island.

The size of a 26 week old premature baby, there have been 20 medical scenarios programmed that make dramatic or subtle changes to baby Anne’s tiny and anatomically correct airways, respiration and vascular systems. This allows our medical teams to practice intubation, tube insertions, resuscitation and other high needs medical interventions. She will also be used for simulation training in our hospital’s Emergency Department.

NICU’s Neonatologist, Maria Saito-Benz told us ““This will be a game-changer to the way we deliver training, as this simulator manikin breathes, has heart beats, and responds to medical treatments like a real human baby we resuscitate. The ability to provide realistic simulation training regularly for our staff will undoubtedly, as research has demonstrated, improve emergency care that we provide each and every day for vulnerable babies and their longterm outcomes.”

Our huge thanks to the club and everyone involved in fundraising for our hospital’s paediatric services – this donation will save many young lives.

Pictured: Senpai Clive, Meita Gaeta, Alex Dent (NICU), Maria Seito-Benz, (NICU), Jo Gaeta, Shodai Tony, Senpai Rocky and Apollo Gaeta