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Eric joined our ensemble of talented volunteer musicians in 2017 and you’ll find him every Friday lunchtime playing the baby grand in Wellington Hospital’s atrium. He also shares his time and love of music by playing for patients at Mary Potter Hospice. Research shows that music offers many calming and therapeutic benefits and our volunteer musicians help create a welcoming environment that enhances the overall well-being of people working in and visiting the hospital.

Eric explained that a lilting melody runs deep in his family’s DNA and that he comes from generations of able musicians. Born in Wellington, he is the father of 6 amazingly talented children, some of whom are professional musicians around the world, and he is also the proud grandfather to 5 wonderful grandchildren in Berlin and Oregon.

Eric told us, “I love playing and what’s most special is being able to bring some light to the hospital environment and to bless and encourage someone who may be feeling down or dealing with a difficult diagnosis. One day after playing someone even blessed me with a hot chocolate!”

Thank you Eric, and to all of our dedicated volunteers. We are so fortunate to have a team of more than 400 volunteers, who generously choose to gift their time and talents to help our hospitals in many different ways each week. We couldn’t do it without you! If you are interested in becoming a hospital volunteer please visit HERE.