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As we observe World Breastfeeding Week, we also celebrate Pataka Miraka, the Mothers Milk Bank funded by Wellington Hospitals Foundation. The first of its kind in Wellington, this initiative has been a game-changer for premature and critically ill pēpē, offering them a fighting chance at a healthier and brighter future.

The significance of donated breast milk cannot be overstated; it is a precious gift that nurtures and nourishes critically ill newborns in their most vulnerable moments.

“Having mother’s milk is an investment in the long-term health of these very fragile infants. We have been wanting to establish a Milk Bank service for some time and we are delighted and very grateful that Wellington Hospitals Foundation has funded our new service.” – Rosemary Escott, Nurse Manager, NICU.

Thanks to you we are able to shape a brighter future for our tiniest patients!