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Thanks to the generous support of our charity partner, Buddle Findlay Child Health Foundation, in the second year of our three-year agreement, we’ve been able to buy much needed equipment that will benefit our hospital’s youngest patients across multiple hospital teams.

This includes the purchase of 35 Buzzy4Shots Healthcare Devices for use by the Emergency Department and Te Wao Nui Children’s Hospital. Pictured here with the ED team, these small gadgets are designed to turn potentially anxiety-inducing medical procedures, such as injections, into bearable experiences. They not only block sharp pain but also offer a fun distraction, making each medical intervention a less stressful and more positive experience for our hospital’s young patients. We were also pleased to provide a further 3 Buzzy4Shot devices to Wellington Hospital’s Disability Leadership and Occupational Therapy Teams.

Additionally, six new Cubro Mauro Duo-line Breastfeeding Chairs were funded for the NICU, helping to create a much more comfortable environment for breastfeeding mothers and their precious pēpē.

As one of our major supporters, our three year partnership agreement with Buddle Findlay Child Health Foundation shows the commitment both parties have to improve the experience for children who require hospital care.