Other ways to donate

Set up payroll giving

Ask your employer if Payroll Giving is available where you work. You can update your donation at any time by talking to your employer.

Donee organisations

Wellington Hospitals Foundation

Bank account

12 3113 0105857 00

Postal address

Donor Relations Team
Private Bag 7902, Wellington 6242

Charities Commission Registration Number


For more information, please contact the Donor Relations Team on (04) 806 0572 or admin@whf.org.nz

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How payroll giving works

It’s easy! Your employer deducts your donation from your pay, reduces your PAYE by the correct tax credit and forwards the donation directly to us.

Here’s how it works in your pay

Gross pay $2,140.00
PAYE -$435.48
Donation -$12.00
Donation tax credit +$3.99
Take home pay $1,696.51



Could contribute to the purchase of a hi-tech NICU Incubator


Could buy an ECG machine that will speed up treatment for Coronary Heart Disease, the leading cause of death in NZ


Could fund the travel and accommodation costs for a disadvantaged family with a sick child in hospital


For more information, please contact Samantha Munro on (04) 806 0572 or admin@whf.org.nz