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Sweet Lauren with her Hospi

The very first thing you notice about little Lauren is a smile that radiates pure joy!   But born prematurely, Lauren has had a rough start to life with frequent seizure-like episodes that specialists struggled to diagnose.  Eventually identified as Sandifer’s Syndrome she was unable to feed so was fitted with a Mic-Key Button, which is a permanent port into her tummy through which she can be tube fed.

With frequent admissions to the children’s hospital for ongoing respiratory infections that leave her dangerously low in oxygen, her family must be constantly vigilant.  Mum Rachel describes terrifying moments when her wee girl would simply stop breathing altogether.  “Although she is now on a bipap machine we have been told that it’s possible she will have an event that she won’t recover from, and we carry this in the back of our minds constantly.”  As if her needs weren’t complex enough, Lauren is also profoundly deaf and has received two cochlear implants.

As a frequent-flyer to the children’s hospital, Lauren’s parents know first-hand how much of a difference the New Children’s Hospital will make to the thousands of sick babies, children and young adults admitted every year.  To contribute to the $10 million needed to outfit and equip your New Children’s Hospital please donate HERE.