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Earlier this year, wee Molly (5) was flown to Wellington’s regional children’s hospital on a medi flight from Wanganui for emergency treatment following complications after her appendix ruptured. Molly’s Mum Jen told us, “We will be forever grateful to all the team in Wellington for their outstanding care, and for leaving Molly with only happy memories after a terrifying month for us all.” We’re pleased to hear that Molly is doing so well now. She’s pictured here shortly after starting school with her gorgeously attired pet lamb Rosie who was named after favourite doctor in the ICU “Dr Rosie.”

Every year thousands of children like Molly from around our region and beyond receive expert and often lifesaving treatment by specialists at Te Wao Nui Child Health Service. Medical technologies change quickly. To help ensure that your children’s hospital keeps pace with this change and has the most up to date equipment that we can afford, please donate HERE.