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Trigger Warning: Baby Loss

All our volunteer knitters and sewers lovingly create items for our tiniest patients. A small number of these talented people make extra special items for families who suffer baby loss. This compassionate service is largely unseen, yet has a profound impact on our hospitals and the families we support. We recently received this deeply poignant feedback from a bereaved Mum who received one of these precious gifts:

“Two years ago I lost a baby early in my pregnancy. I collected the remains a few weeks after I had left Wellington Hospital. I’ve had them in a box that I couldn’t bring myself to look in until this evening.

The first thing I saw on opening the box was an embroidered angel and some tiny booties. I wanted to tell you what a beautiful gift this was for me, unexpected and so kind. For me it was an instant link to my grandmother, who spun, knitted, sewed, embroidered and did patchwork. She also lost babies.

Tonight as I sit with this tiny box and your beautiful, graceful offerings of empathy I feel so cared for. You have made a huge difference to me and I’m incredibly grateful. Ngā mihi nunui ki a koutou katoa. What wonderful people you are. Thank you, thank you and thank you again.”